• New Blog Plans

    After joining Automattic’s Theme Division a couple months ago, I decided to set up this personal blog. I figured since I would be working with WordPress.com on a daily basis, it would be nice to use the product, personally, as well. My previous experience was predominantly in a WordPress.org environment. You can read about the differences here.

    I’ve ported all of my posts from Cup of Voodoo over to this site (powered by WordPress.com) which I am going to be using for all of my blogging, going forward. This way, I will be able to focus on my content as opposed to worrying as much about updating my site’s design and code base.

    So what about the other site?

    Cup of Voodoo has been a big part of my journey in this industry. I started it as a project when I was in school and it evolved into my main website, blog, and professional portfolio. I plan to rebuild Cup of Voodoo from the ground up and discontinue the use of it as a blog. It will remain functioning as a resource, portfolio, and a site for me to experiment with.

    I am excited about this new direction and I hope it will prompt me to blog more frequently. I also plan on posting on a wider range of topics here – not just tech articles. I hope you enjoy!

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