• Encinitas, CA

    Encinitas, CA

    As I’d mentioned in a previous post, Jen and I are moving to SC. Actually, we’ve just made our trip across the country last week and arrived here this past holiday weekend.

    Reflecting on the past 9 years I’d spent out in San Diego, I have to say that Encinitas has been my favorite spot in all of Southern California. I was fortunate enough to live there for the majority of my time spent in San Diego and I have the fondest of memories of my times spent in the fun little beach town.

    Back when I was in college and before I’d moved out to CA, I came out for a visit in the summer to stay with my uncle for a couple weeks. It was then, in Encinitas, where I first learned to surf. Moonlight BeachYears later, I was lucky enough to move in to the apartment/townhomes at Moonlight Beach, literally up the hill from the beach. It was here where I’d lived for the majority of my time in the state and have some of my best CA memories. I’d met many of my closest friends while living here, had some great roommates & neighbors, and surfed a lot.

    My favorite surf spots were in Encinitas, namely Grandview and Beacons. When we were all living there, a few of my friends and I would grab our boards, ride our bikes down Neptune to one of these spots, and surf for hours. Just about every day.

    Jen and I lived as next-door-neighbors at the aforementioned apartments at Moonlight Beach for 2 and a half years. We had great times there, walking to the downtown area for delicious food/drinks – quickly becoming regulars at our favorite spots – Encinitas Ale House, Encinitas Pizza Company ( now closed 🙁 ), Blue Ribbon Pizza, 3rd Corner, and Solace, to name a few. In late 2013 we were married at the San Diego Botanic Garden, there in Encinitas.

    After we were married, we moved to the next town over, La Costa. We loved that area as well but still spent most of our time driving down the road into Encinitas.

    While I’m very excited to explore new places in South Carolina, I will truly miss living in California. Most of all I will miss my time spent in Encinitas, my friends there, and our favorite little spots we’ve grown to love over the past several years.

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