NYE 2019

Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year with my beautiful wife and our little family!! 🎉♥️

Nitro Cold Brew

I tried this Nitro Cold Brew from Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse the other day for the first time. So good! ☕😍

R2-D2 Office Mate

A friend of mine got me this cool R2-D2 pillow for my office couch. It will go great with my plans for a Marvel and Star Wars theme! 🤓

Road Trip Delays

My family and I have been making trips up to MI about twice a year to visit friends and family up there. Now that we’re living on the east coast, we’ve been driving each time.

It’s really not a bad drive at all – if we leave early enough and don’t stop too often, we can make it in around 12.5-13.5 hours. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that’s a long trip, especially with a child. But it’s scenic for at least half of the trip, through the mountains from NC through KY … then there’s Ohio, which is easily the worst and most uninteresting part of the trip, hands down.

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Clemson – 2016

Last weekend we went to see the Clemson campus. It was an away game and a holiday weekend so it was a perfect time to bring Ivy and just walk around.

Bubble Tea By The River

I took a little break yesterday at lunch to enjoy some bubble/boba tea from O-CHA tea bar, next to the Reedy River downtown.