Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

I’m a little late on posting this, but I wanted to share anyway. This past Thanksgiving weekend (a few months ago now), Jen and I decided to take a road tip up to the bay area to visit a college friend of hers in Palo Alto. It was our first time visiting that part of The Bay Area. One of the days, we took a train into San Francisco and hung around the city.

We had a lot of fun – great food and great company!

New Blog Plans

After joining Automattic’s Theme Division a couple months ago, I decided to set up this personal blog. I figured since I would be working with on a daily basis, it would be nice to use the product, personally, as well. My previous experience was predominantly in a environment. You can read about the differences here.

I’ve ported all of my posts from Cup of Voodoo over to this site (powered by which I am going to be using for all of my blogging, going forward. This way, I will be able to focus on my content as opposed to worrying as much about updating my site’s design and code base.

So what about the other site?

Cup of Voodoo has been a big part of my journey in this industry. I started it as a project when I was in school and it evolved into my main website, blog, and professional portfolio. I plan to rebuild Cup of Voodoo from the ground up and discontinue the use of it as a blog. It will remain functioning as a resource, portfolio, and a site for me to experiment with.

I am excited about this new direction and I hope it will prompt me to blog more frequently. I also plan on posting on a wider range of topics here – not just tech articles. I hope you enjoy!

Julian, CA

Julian is a small historic gold-mining town in the Cuyamuca Mountains above the Colorado Desert. It is famous for apple pies and Julian Hard Cider.

Over the weekend, Jen and I went up for a little day-adventure to get a taste of some fall weather … and apple pie, of course!

I’m Joining Automattic!

Today is my last day at Cuker Agency. It has been a great three years working (and surfing) with a team of brilliant and fun people. I have learned a lot during my time at Cuker and will miss working with my friends there. While I am sad to leave today, I am very happy to announce that I have accepted a position with Automattic, Inc..

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Automattic, they are the company behind, Jetpack, Cloudup, Gravatar, and a bunch of other cool products that you may have seen around the web.

Starting tomorrow I will be joining the team as a Theme Wrangler on the Theme Division. I am extremely excited for this new opportunity to learn and improve my skills, both as a designer and a developer, while working on some very cool projects. I will get to work with some of the smartest and most talented people in the industry and build new friendships with people all over the world. This really is a dream job for me!

Sass Basics (Slides)

Last week I had the pleasure of doing a lightning talk at the San Diego JavaScript Meetup. It was my first public presentation. Even thought it was short and informal, I was very excited for the opportunity and had a lot of fun.

SDJS is one of my favorite meetups here in San Diego. The organizers always do a great job with everything and the talks are always interesting. This was the first time they did the lightning talks where about 5 people presented on short, 5 minute topics. I loved this idea because I found it the perfect opportunity to give a talk and not feel a ton of pressure. There was a nice turnout that evening and everyone did a great job with their presentations.

I did my talk on Sass (my favorite CSS preprocessor). Since this was only a 5 minute talk, I just covered the very basics of getting started. Here is a link to my slides.

A Procrastinated Start

When I went back to school to get my degree in web design, during my final term in the Usability class we were required to write a certain number of weekly, usability-related blog posts. I really enjoyed this part of the class. It was at that time that I decided I really wanted to add a blog to my website, as opposed to using it strictly as a portfolio. It seemed like a lot of the designers and developers that I look up to had blog-based personal sites where they share information and ideas about the latest in the tech industry. In addition to really enjoying the writing part, it seemed like it could be something that would add a nice personal touch to my site. I really liked the idea of having a place where I would be able to share my thoughts but, even more than that, I really wanted a good way to process and share all of the new information that I was (and still am) continuously learning as I strive to become better at what I do.

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