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  • Majestic Marmots

    The rulers of Whistler

  • Ziplining in Whistler

    Ziplining in Whistler

    When I was in Whistler a couple months ago for my company’s annual meetup, I had the chance to go ziplining for the first time as one of the activities. It was a lot of fun, I’d highly recommend it.

    I came across this short video I took on one of the lines that day.

  • Whistler, BC – Automattic GM 2016

    Whistler, BC – Automattic GM 2016

    This past September, Automattic held it’s annual Grand Meetup – where the entire company (located all around the world) gets together in one location to talk about past and future goals, work on some fun projects, and hang out with each other.

    This year, we went to Whistler, BC Canada. I absolutely loved it! The hotels were right in the village so it felt like we were still a part of everything going on in the surrounding area. Last year, in Park City, UT, it felt like we were much more secluded … it felt kind of like The Shining.

    The food options were very good, the activities available were really fun, and the scenery overall was amazing!

    ** As usual, I’m a couple months behind on this post. I’ve been pretty bad at being on top of things here, lately. Trying to get better at that! :/