A Nightmare on Esplanade Ave

This may be the creepiest house I’ve ever seen. It was just a couple of blocks over from where we stayed in New Orleans, during my team meetup last week. It’s like a real-life House of 1000 Corpses. Notice the glass shards all along the wall – do you think that’s so people don’t get in … or out?

Encinitas, CA

As I’d mentioned in a previous post, Jen and I are moving to SC. Actually, we’ve just made our trip across the country last week and arrived here this past holiday weekend.

Reflecting on the pastĀ 9 years I’d spent out in San Diego, I have to say that Encinitas has been my favorite spot in all of Southern California. I was fortunate enough to live there for the majority of my time spent in San Diego and I have the fondest of memories of my times spent in the fun little beach town. Continue reading “Encinitas, CA”

Julian, CA

Julian is a smallĀ historic gold-mining town in the Cuyamuca Mountains above the Colorado Desert. It is famous for apple pies and Julian Hard Cider.

Over the weekend, Jen and I went up for a little day-adventure to get a taste of some fall weather … and apple pie, of course!