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  • SVG Pocket Guide

    I recently came across this short book on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics): Pocket Guide to Writing SVG, by Joni Trythall. You can read the book online or buy the PDF for only $10!

  • Sass Basics (Slides)

    Last week I had the pleasure of doing a lightning talk at the San Diego JavaScript Meetup. It was my first public presentation. Even thought it was short and informal, I was very excited for the opportunity and had a lot of fun.

    SDJS is one of my favorite meetups here in San Diego. The organizers always do a great job with everything and the talks are always interesting. This was the first time they did the lightning talks where about 5 people presented on short, 5 minute topics. I loved this idea because I found it the perfect opportunity to give a talk and not feel a ton of pressure. There was a nice turnout that evening and everyone did a great job with their presentations.

    I did my talk on Sass (my favorite CSS preprocessor). Since this was only a 5 minute talk, I just covered the very basics of getting started. Here is a link to my slides.